The New Cleaning & Hygiene Process for the Brewery and Distillery Industries

A simple, effective, affordable solution to guarantee quality end product.

The reputation of a brewery or distillery can live or die on any single drop of end product that is allowed to leave the facility.

The potential of just a small accumulation of micro-organisms to have a significant effect on the taste and/or appearance of your end product, can cause even more catastrophic results for your associated revenue stream.

Clean-in-place with no chemicals or fumigants

Rotaflex is an easy-to-operate, cost-effective system that makes the cleaning process
simple and more efficient, delivering; reliability, cost savings, labour savings, and
guaranteed quality of your outgoing product.

Rotaflex helps you guarantee production of a high quality, infestation free product – without
the need for chemicals or fumigants – such Compared to chemical and fumigant CIP
‘cleaners’, including PBW and beer line cleaner;

  • Cleaner – Removes infestation, scale and blockages and avoids fumigants for a great tasting final product every time
  • Stay Online and Operational – Rotaflex is a Clean in Place (CIP) solution, as spouts/pipes can be cleaned in-situ, no spout dismantling or chemical fumigants required
  • Safer – One person operation, no spout dismantling required, no chemical fumigant required.
  • Creates Energy Savings – when cleaning heat exchanger and boiler tubes with bespoke Rotaflex accessories PLUS No waste created or fumigant required

Never-ceasing levels of micro-hygiene are essential for the continuous high-quality end product that leads to enduring customer satisfaction and continuous revenue.

Rotaflex ensures a thoroughly clean process every time, it’s quick and simple to use and cleans more cost-effectively than any product on the market.

Rotaflex was developed by parent company Tube Tech – one of the world’s most innovative industrial cleaning specialists. Click here to find out more including details, specification and just how easy Rotaflex is to use! (

CLICK HERE to find out more including details, specification and just how easy Rotaflex is to use!

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    Rotaflex Industrial Cleaning System